Design & Build Services

Full Service Design & Build Company

We apply the utmost attention to detail in every project we undertake.  Your vision will quickly turn into reality under the leadership of our professional team.  Our team is passionate about designing and building. They are skilled in design, planning and building, and team work. From start to finish, each project is a collaborative and engaging process. SIR Group Inc. is distinct from other builders because we are extremely professional on many levels. If you have plans or drawings, we will work with you and your architects, engineers, and designers to ensure your ideas come to life.

We are a full-service builder, from the meticulous planning stages, through to the final finishing touches, including :

360 Home Design & Build Plans
Project Management

Working with You and Your Team

Our flexibility and innovative craftsmanship is what makes us successful.  We will work with a client’s team and the client themselves. We are open to new ideas and our team knows how to work with you and your team. We believe in the win-win scenario. If it’s just you, or you have others involved in your project, then we devise a sound working plan to ensure your luxury home project is completed on time and on budget. Team work is the hallmark of SIR Group Inc.

Why Opt for a Full-Service Home Builder?

There are many unique advantages with utilizing an all-in-one home builder. You are the one who remains in full control of your project from start to finish. SIR Group Inc. is responsible for carrying out the work. We follow a collaborative approach that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Working with SIR Group Inc. means that you will have a true peace-of-mind during the project development. Through our comprehensive planning phase, we are able to streamline the home building progression saving you valuable time and money. Our attention to detail, forward thinking approach and flair for building distinct luxury homes means all your needs will be identified in the early stages of development and planning. We aim to impress; we achieve on every level.

Stay the Course with Sound Project Management

Everyone has ideas, but the critical question is: Do you have a plan to achieve your goals? SIR Group Inc. offers you an experienced and punctilious Project Management team to guide, lead and ensure you achieve your goals; on time and on budget. The best part is we work well with an individual client or an entire team. We know the value of team work. The more minds – the better.

The Advantage

We place our professional and experience project managers at the center of every project. They work in concert with you to fulfill your vision. Our Project Managers are responsible for maintaining an open line of communication with each stakeholder and to bring efficiency, clarity and transparency throughout the building process. Our Project Managers are always there to provide you with a window into the work being done.

Here is why we are leaders in Sound Project Management:

We organize the workflow to ensure that all parties remain on track towards goals.

We keep everyone informed about the status of the project (at every step).

We set expectations, milestones and deliverables.

We foresee obstacles and work to continually improve capabilities to deliver results.