Custom Home Builder

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Choose Quality & Luxury for Your Custom Built Home

We specialize in building custom homes for both Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Contractor recommended, we are the trusted choice for quality design and craftsmanship.  Our premium quality is applied to the work we do, materials we use, as well as for the careful attention to personal service we provide.

Our Personal Touch

We hold high standards for the service we provide and the custom homes we build.  When you choose SIR Group, you are guaranteed to deal directly with the owners, operators and home builders themselves.  You receive the benefits of personal service and a hands-on approach.

Choosing a Custom Home Builder

The benefits of choosing a custom home builder are clear;  you can build your dream home, tailored to your tastes and specifications – whether traditional or contemporary, open-concept or divided space. Employ the finest, cutting-edge materials and finishes in the design of your home and achieve the look and feel that you’ve always imagined.

But first, you must select a company to build it for you. Below are questions & tips in choosing a reliable and trustworthy custom home builder.

What is the profile of the company?

How long has the builder been in business?

Are they full-time builders? (this is preferred over part-time)

Does the company have the required licences and registrations?

Will the company provide a list of previous clients for a reference check?

Do they have a portfolio of custom homes they have built?

Talk to the Community

Do you know anyone who has hired the company previously? Talk to them.

Do an online search to learn more about their reputation.

Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints against them.


Compare and contrast the quality of their work with other custom home builders. Is the price fair for the quality of the workmanship?

Compare standards and upgrades.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Is the builder a member of a third-party new home warranty program? Third-party warranty is mandatory in Ontario (some exceptions apply).

Do any brand-name products that come with the home also come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

If the builder provides the warranty itself, ask yourself: Will they still be around when I need it?

If there are items outstanding, when will they be completed?

Who can you call if you have any questions?