Beautify & Add Value with Professional Home Renovations & Additions

Doing a home renovation can be a major life event. While exciting, we know it can be strenuous as well. That is why it is important to hire a professional home renovator who exceeds expectations.

Home Renovations that Exceed Expectations

We are the trusted choice for fine quality and craftsmanship in home renovations and additions throughout Toronto and the GTA.  We are respected for our honest and personal touch as we guide you through the renovation process. We handle both interiors and exteriors for older homes, new homes and heritages home restorations.





Adding another floor (namely, to a bungalow)

And just about anything else

Quality in Craftsmanship. Transparency in Service.

When you choose us to renovate your home, you work directly with the principals of SIR Group.  You work alongside the renovation team who is committed to ensuring your home renovation proceeds smoothly. We stand behind our work offering warranties of up to 7 years on our work.

Perhaps you aren’t certain about every detail of the work you wish to have done. We are  delighted to provide our expert input and ideas, as well as to provide references. We work closely with you from the planning and conception phase through to completion and beyond; continually providing you with an open window into the work being done.

We focus on the quality of your home renovation and are consistently on time and on budget, which will provide you with added peace-of-mind.

Home Renovation Tips

Thinking about a home renovation? Take a look at the helpful tips below:

Design Neutral

Leave your personal flair for your own space. When doing work or building a new home for sale or rental, keep designs neutral to appeal to as broad a market as possible.

Repairs get the Highest Returns

While it’s tempting to provide eye-catching add-ons in a home for sale such as a jacuzzi or electronics system, repairs should be dealt with first. Buyers will look at the fundamentals of the home, so a leaky roof, for example, could be a deal-breaker no matter how many features the home may contain.

Remodeling Often Trumps Adding On

The trend today is more towards quality than quantity, so improving an existing space is often preferred to large additions which may not see as much of a return.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms often see the biggest returns. This may not mean an entire overhaul either. An upgrade to fixtures, lighting and tile along with a coat of paint can often go a long way to being profitable for you.

Always Choose a Licensed Renovator

Don’t be tempted to work ‘under the table’ in order to save a few dollars on your renovation. Be wary of renovators who don’t have an address or business name, don’t issue a written contract, or offer a discount if you pay cash.

These renovators are often uninsured or unlicensed and product warranties may not be valid if a recognized renovator does not install the items. Plus, any work they do can create health and safety problems, including fire. Paying in cash with underground renovators also gives you no recourse if things do go wrong. And we’ve all heard the horror stories of renovators who upon payment simply vanish, along with your money.

Do the work on your home legally, for your own safety and peace-of-mind. Always insist on getting the required permits and inspections. Plus, get a clear, unambiguous contract that includes start and end dates, and hold off on signing anything before looking it over, preferably with a lawyer first.

Thinking of renovating your home? Call SIR Group Inc. for a free on-site quote today at 416-274-4712.